How long does it take to renew green card? A green card is the card that is normally carried by the American citizen who has a legal status of permanent residency. It serves as proof of the permanent residency and also depicts certain privileges. For example, in some instances, it is used to establish eligibility for appointment to a government position or even in obtaining some types of benefits. The green card holder can apply for permanent residency every ten years and this process involves renewal of his / her green card application form.

Things to consider when you want to renew a green card

  1. The documentation needed

The first thing to consider is the documentation needed for the renewal of your card. There are various documents that can be presented to support the application, including birth certificates and marriage certificates that show all family members; for example, if you have a green card holder spouse and some children. If you are a permanent resident of US then you should carry your original green card but if it has expired or is lost then you will need other supporting documents like proof of being a resident in US.

  1. The requirement and eligibility

In most instances, when individuals apply for renewal of their resident cards, they must meet certain requirements, as well as eligibility criteria before they can be granted renewal. For example, the green card renewal requirements may include demonstrating that the person is still eligible to reside in US as a permanent resident after being granted the initial period.

  1. The value of the green card

Renewal of the green card is important and it has value because it allows you continue to remain in US as a permanent resident. However, bear in mind that if you fail to renew your card within the stipulated time then you will be considered as an illegal resident and a person without any status in US.

  1. Consider your eligibility

There are some instances where renewal of the green card is not permitted. This can happen if individuals have committed a serious crime or even have been charged with such crimes like terrorism, rape or murder.

  1. Consider the cost

The renewal of the green card is not very cheap because you will have to apply for a renewal and renew your green card. The cost will depend on the jurisdiction you live in (state or municipal law) or even on the complexity of your case. For example, if you have criminal charges against you then it is likely that the cost will be higher than normal because in most cases your application will be reviewed by a judge.

  1. Consider the time it takes

It is important to bear in mind that renewing your green card is a very complicated process because you will have to submit all required documents like proofs of residence, criminal records etc. and this takes some time as well. Plus, you will also have to follow the procedure and meet all requirements as given by law; so this can take up some more time.


Green card renewal is an important process that needs to be followed regularly and one that needs special attention because this document is a proof of your US resident status. It also serves as a proof of your permanent residency and in some instances it even plays an important role in obtaining certain benefits like government appointments and other support services.