If you have been arrested for driving under the influence in Georgia, then you should absolutely consider hiring an attorney to represent you in court.

If you have been charged with driving under the influence (DUI) in Georgia, you should consider hiring an attorney to represent you. While your best interests will always be at the forefront of any decisions your attorney makes, there are several practical reasons why hiring an attorney rather than representing yourself may be in your best interest during this trying time.

#1. Hiring an attorney can save you money.

While you may need to spend money for a consultation with an attorney, it is much cheaper than paying the fines and fees that often include a DUI conviction. The fines and fees in Georgia vary widely depending on your county and the strength of the evidence against you. This is why hiring a Georgia DUI attorney to look over the evidence in your case before any decision is made is so important. Your attorney will know how to effectively negotiate with the prosecution and/or defense to convince them to reduce the charges or drop them completely.

#2. Hiring a professional sets you up for success.

Hiring an attorney is the best way to ensure that you are represented by someone who knows what they are doing. Attorneys have been successfully working on cases like yours for a long time and know the best ways to navigate through the court system. While it is true to say that anyone can argue a case in court, when you hire an attorney, your life will be much easier because they will be familiar with the legal process and know how to hold your hand when all else fails.

#3. Hiring an attorney can save your driver’s license.

If you are convicted of a DUI, your Georgia driver’s license will most likely be suspended. If you are convicted a second time, then it is most likely that your driver’s license will be revoked for life. Hiring an attorney can help you get the best possible outcome during this process based on the evidence in your particular case.

#4. Hiring a Georgia DUI attorney can give you the best possible outcome.

While no one wants to spend time in a courtroom, an attorney can help you find ways to reduce your charges or even drop them entirely. Hiring an attorney before going to court will also allow you to be represented by someone that has experience dealing with these sorts of cases and know the best strategies for handling your case.

#5. Hiring a Georgia DUI attorney can help prevent life-changing consequences for your future.

A DUI conviction in Georgia can have detrimental effects on your life and future. These charges will appear on various public records, and you may face trouble getting a job in the future. If a third DUI is found to be unconstitutional after the fact, your Georgia conviction could be expunged from public records. Just think, if you had encountered an attorney before being arrested for DUI, then you would benefit from legal representation that knows all about dealing with these cases.

#6. Hiring a Georgia DUI attorney will help preserve your constitutional rights.

If you hire an attorney, they can review the evidence and determine the best way to do this. This kind of representation does not come cheap, but if you are convicted of a DUI, then it will most likely take place during a long period of incarceration. If your case is extremely strong, then you may be able to argue that this conviction should be thrown out because it is unconstitutional.


If you have already been arrested for DUI, then it is time to contact an attorney and discuss your case. While hiring a Georgia DUI attorney can cost you thousands of dollars in fees, it may not be a bad idea to invest in legal representation to help you avoid these problems. Even if you are facing lesser charges, an experienced attorney can help get the best possible outcome for your situation.